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We Promote Your Products Fastest to Companies All Over The World..

We Promote Your Products Fastest to Companies All Over The World.

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Why People Love Import-From, The #1 Online Wholesale Clothing Marketplace in Turkey?

Import-From is the ultimate destination to reach the top-most suppliers in the largest wholesale clothing market in Turkey. We have a wide collection of all types of both comfy and fashionable wholesale dresses, tops, jeans, modest clothing like abaya, and many more. Boutique owners can shop at our online store from the comfort of their homes and get unique wholesale women’s clothing and accessories of their liking delivered right to their doorstep.

Unique Wholesale Products

Most profitable strategies are built on differentiation: offering customers something they value that competitors don’t have. Therefore, every boutique is trying to offer unique pieces to its customers. But, working with the same suppliers doesn’t help them differentiate their collection. Import-From brings unique Turkish wholesale clothing suppliers under one online marketplace. Boutiques can shop Turkish fashion products from the major brands such as XLove, Niccy, Fame, Black Fashion, Topshow, Medina Fashion, and Masspera located in the biggest wholesale clothing market in Istanbul. There are three main districts in Istanbul like LA Fashion District named Laleli, Merter, and Gungoren. These are the main markets where boutiques in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Russia buy wholesale women’s clothing from.

Wholesale at Better Prices

For small and medium-sized businesses, when it comes to buying wholesale apparel, there are two major constraints: quality and cost. Due to the economic changes in Turkey, Istanbul has become a perfect hub for wholesale clothes. At Import-From, people can find their ideal combination of Turkish clothing at affordable prices, maintaining both fashion and functionality.

No Hidden Costs

On other online wholesale clothing websites, on the payment page, the shipping cost and custom duties are kept unknown. The additional charges are added to the final payment and people get the biggest surprise of their life. However, on Import-From all the additional charges are disclosed clearly on the payment page, so there are no hidden costs like “TBD” in shipping. We maintain full transparency with our payment options.

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